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      1. Philosophy

        1. Our mission
        Lead China fine chemical product industry development as our responsibility, and research develop and produce the most environmental protection and functional fine chemical products, and offer green and safety products for domestic and external customers to realize max benefits fro the society, customers, employees and shareholders.
        2. Development view:
        Consolidate advantageous product international leader position to become the global product leader.
        3. Business guideline:
        Environmental protection priority, safety first to realize homeostasis between inner resources and external environments.
        4. Core value view and business philosophy:
        Offer green, safe, recycling, fine products for customers. Our core value view is to realize max benefits among the social, employees and shareholders. Our perpetual pursuit is to create safety and suitable work and life environments and realize harmony and union for us and environments.
        (1) Product philosophy: green, safety, recycling and fine
        (2) Technology philosophy: sustain independent innovation and keep leading for ever.
        (3) Market philosophy: share value and innovate value increase
        (4) Environmental philosophy: increase resource efficiency and create green harmonious enterprise.
        5. Basic development strategy:
        Technical innovation strategy: independent innovation, sustainable leading
        Safety management strategy: strict procedure, strict operation, strict management and strict education